W. R. Grace & Co. is a high-performance specialty chemicals manufacturer built on talent, technology, and trust. Grace teams deliver real value to our catalysts and materials technologies customers—and their customers—using chemistry to improve everything from fuel to pharmaceuticals, toothpaste to tires, beer to biofuels, and plastics to paint. We’re a $2 billion market leader with 80% of our sales in markets where we’re #1 or #2. We’re leaders in FCC catalysts, resid hydroprocessing catalysts, polyethylene and polypropylene catalysts, and PP process technology licensing as well as specialty silica gel.

More than 3,900 members of the Grace global team perform an extraordinary array of roles from research and development to manufacturing and operations; from sales and technical support to marketing, IT, finance, and more.  We speak many languages including business English. We serve scores of industries. We develop, produce, and deliver thousands of unique products to many of the world's most recognized companies.

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The game changers we’re hiring value teamwork, performance, integrity, speed, and innovation. When you join Grace, you’ll become part of a team with world-class talent working together to solve problems…developing the best technology to solve new challenges and serve our customers…confident in the trust we must earn in our industries and communities.

You can help us continue to deliver best-in-class solutions in complex global markets with your expertise and ingenuity. 

In addition to excellent benefits, Grace offers internships and apprenticeships as well as our manufacturing leadership programs. We fully comply with U.S. EEOC standards and all local employment regulations.

At Grace we are committed to providing equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities. If you are a qualified individual with a disability you may request reasonable accommodations by calling Human Resources at 410-531-8240 or by sending an email to Recruitment@Grace.com.

If you’re ready to make a difference with a talented team of passionate people, then you’re ready to become part of Grace. We roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for finding ways to meet customer needs and move the company forward.  Our businesses work closely together, so employees are closely connected with ample opportunities to make a difference on a project or in an important role.  

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Diversity and Inclusion Create Great Chemistry

Grace's great talent and high-performance culture are the most important sources of our competitive advantage.

We aspire to strengthen these by welcoming and valuing the unique backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, genders, experiences, perspectives, and contributions of our employees around the globe.

Through diversity and inclusion, we strengthen our people and our business.

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My Job: Chemist

My Workplace: Columbia, Maryland

What I Do: I am a part of the core research team that is working to develop a new, non-phthalate based polypropylene catalyst. I am responsible for lab-scale catalyst evaluations (screenings) and advance testing/test method development to determine catalyst performance and basic polymer resin properties. This lends to an understanding on the catalysts' likely performance and effectiveness once scaled up to pilot plant and commercial production scales by our customers, partners, or industry users.

Why I Work Here: Being a part of the Grace Specialty Catalyst Polypropylene R&D Team affords me the opportunity to follow my passion for S.T.E.M. and be involved in projects that impact the global market. I consider it a privilege and great joy to aid in the catalyst development of products Grace sales to industry leaders to manufacture materials that are incorporated into are everyday lives; from shampoo bottles, to car bummers, to potato chip bags - the field of polypropylene catalysis is vast and exciting!

My Job: Head of Apprenticeship Germany

My Workplace: Worms, Germany

What I Do: I'm responsible for coordinating and managing the apprenticeship program for Grace in Germany. In my role, I mentor, coach, and serve as the primary contact for apprentices and school representatives. Moreover, I'm actively involved in recruiting and recruiting marketing activities. Apart from my responsibilities concerning the apprenticeship program, I'm one of Grace's safety advisors and internal auditor with regard to environment, health, and safety.

Why I Work Here: I enjoy working with young, energetic, and talented people by guiding them through their apprenticeship experience with Grace. Why do I enjoy working here so much? That's simple -- because it is always fun and very rewarding! Furthermore, I consider all of my colleagues reliable partners, and value Grace's benefits, as well as focus on employee safety. Every day, I feel valued and appreciated, which is something that allows me to grow and implement new ideas. There is always a place for innovation, and I very much like to be part of a winning team.

My Job: Senior Sales Manager, Specialty Catalysts

My Workplace: Columbia, Maryland

What I Do: I manage sales for several key accounts within the Specialty Catalysts business. This position includes selling our current products to PE and PP producers as well as planning and managing the full relationships between Grace and our customers.

Why I Work Here: Grace has a tremendous culture of putting our customers first, and it's very rewarding to be a part of a talented team that wants to help our customers achieve their goals and win in the marketplace. My career here has always been rewarding and challenging, as I've been able to have many positions within the company. I joined Grace in operations and have since had many different roles in planning, global marketing, and sales.

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My Job: Manager Order Fulfillment EMEA – Planning & Execution

My Workplace: Worms, Germany

What I Do: I lead the production planning and forwarding logistics teams.

Why I Work Here: Grace offers a very independent work environment and possibilities for engaged and talented people to make a career.

My Job: Forklift Operator

My Workplace: Sorocaba, Brazil

What I Do: I am responsible for the organization of materials (finished and raw materials) in the shipping and receiving area.

Why I Work Here: I like to work here because it has a great working climate. It is a company worried about employees safety and development. In addition, it has good benefits.

My Job: General Sales Manager, Greater China (Materials Technologies)

My Workplace: Hong Kong

What I Do: I'm responsible for driving the business growth in the Greater China region.

Why I Work Here: Grace offers a great multicultural work environment and global experience. We are recognized as market leaders in various applications and I am proud to be a part of the team. Our management are open to my opinions and we are encouraged to express our ideas. We are recognized if we perform well.

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My Job: Leader of the Polyolefins Products and Analytical Sciences R&D team of the Specialty Catalyst business.

My Workplace: Columbia, Maryland

What I Do: I lead a team of 21 employees who are experts in different knowledge disciplines centered on material and analytical sciences of catalysts and polymers. My job gives me the opportunity to lead people, plan innovation, lead projects, and implement technology at the customer and manufacturing interfaces.

Why I Work Here: I work with world-class technical and business leaders inside Grace and with Grace's clients. I have the opportunity to change our industry through catalyst innovations that are the main enablers of the markets we serve. Grace provides a working environment that encourages risk taking, collaboration, and continuous skill development.

My Job: Product Manager, Asia Pacific, Engineered Materials

My Workplace: Shanghai, China

What I Do: I am in a project manager position focusing on internal profit and risk management as it relates to product portfolio management, outsourcing, and key suppliers. Why I Work Here: Growing myself as company grew, business grew and team grew.

Why I Work Here: I have professionally grown with Grace over the years. I'm proud of helping to expand our business and teams.

Grace encourages diversity throughout our operations, and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected under applicable employment laws in the recruitment, training, promotion, and compensation of employees

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