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Lake Charles Pipe/Wldr (Multi)

Date: Feb 19, 2021

Location: Lake Charles, LA, US, 70665

Company: W. R. Grace & Co.

Job Description

Repair, fabricate, install and maintain various types of pipes, piping systems, valves, and other equipment or structures, following company and craft standards and specifications. Coordinate activities with operations and other crafts when performing various routine maintenance functions.

•Calculating, measuring, laving out and drawing including rolling offsets, travel offsets for bends/elevation changes, determine points of cut on metal and angles for fitting.
•Install, remove, and replace traps, vents, drains, flanged piping, high pressure & fiberglass piping, expansion joints, orifice plates and filters.
•Fabricate frames, pipe stands, pots & screens, supports & hangers, bases, flanges, etc.
•Repair brackets and flanges on pumps; worn, leaking, cracked, or otherwise damaged brackets & flanges and metal/non-metal piping, including underground pipe.
•Select appropriate gaskets, block & control valves, tubings, valve packings, valve size & design, size, type & schedule of pipes & flanges.
•Install, remove or replace valve seats, & fittings, valves on tank cars and bonnet and gate valves.
•Perform rigging activity by determining weight and balance of load to be moved and route and check clearances for moving load.
•Perform safety related functions such as checking venting, valving, and flushing of all lines, valves and vessels before working and examining welding unit for leaks, loose areas and damage.
•Unhook pumps, valves, and other machinery for maintenance performed by other crafts.

Required Skills

•Safety awareness, technical judgment, conscientiousness, initiative, adherence to policies and procedures, maturity and teamwork & interpersonal skills.
•Fabricate parts.
•Calculate, measure, lave and draw.
•Perform rigging.
•Repair brackets and flanges on pumps.
•Perform miscellaneous maintenance functions.
•Walking/Standing/Sitting/Bending, climbing ladders (up to 60 feet) - climbing stairs (up to 100 feet) - stepping over and crawling under structures, entering enclosed spaces, entering "tight" places where free movement is restricted, lifting, pushing, pulling or dragging objects (over 50 lbs), carrying objects (over 100 yrds) and working in contorted or awkward positions, muscular endurance and stamina, muscular endurance and stamina, good balance, coordinated hand/arm/body movements - wrist and steady hand/arm movements - rapid eye-hand or eye-foot coordination, small, accurate movements of fingers, ability to see fine details, ability to hear and distinguish between different sounds, ability to hear and distinguish between different odors.

Required Experience

High School Diploma or GED Certificate AND Minimum 5 years hands-on Journeyman Pipefitter/Welder experience

Nearest Major Market: Lake Charles