Plant Operator

Date: Nov 21, 2023

Location: Kuantan, 06, MY, 26080

Company: W. R. Grace & Co.

Job Description

  • To operate/monitor all process and equipments in good condition in Dry end system 1, Dry end system 2 and wet end system.  
  • To label the packaging according to set procedures.

  • To collect and sent samples of raw materials, semi finished products to the laboratory for test purposes.

  • To  transfer raw materials and semi-finished products to the laboratory for test purposes.

  • To operate the stretch wrapper machine. 

  • To do housekeeping in the plant.  

  • To monitor the fluid energy mills operation regularly. 

  • To ensure safe of receipt raw material such as sodium silicate, ammonia and sulphuric acid into their respective tanks. 

  • To operate the forklift in order to take the pallets, basegel and others for production purposes. 

  • To label the products/samples to the QC lab for test purpose. 

  • To collect and sent product samples to the QC lab for test purpose. 

  • To inform Process Technician/Shift Supervisor on any non conformance in day to day operations so that corrective actions are taken to rectify the situation. 

  • To do job function delegated by the superior from time to time. 

  • To ensure samples from K-units, aerogel and product are taken and send to the labs for testing. 

  • To ensure all paper bags for bagging are available. 

  • To ensure using right paper bags for right product and ensure for special customers has need extra precaution. 

  • To ensure handover shift are proper and do at right places. 

  • To ensure do good cleaning dry end when change product grade and follow the procedures when changing from wax grade to non wax grade. 

  • To ensure wax, caustic, MgSiF, basegel transfer via Nu-Con system, citric acid and others additive always enough when using it.

  • Follow instruction/order either from Process Technician or Production Supervisors.

  • To ensure all equipment under his area are checked and the logsheets are filled. 

  • To ensure check IR Compressor and Atlas Copco compressor when duty for Dry end 1.

  • To ensure conduct test at tubline when tubline in operation.

  • To ensure transfer hydrogel from K-units to Silos always in good condition.

Physical Requirements and Environment

  • Must be willing to wear PPE (Personal Protective equipment) including but not limited to hard hat, protective eyewear, steel-toed boots, hearing protection, Level A suit, full face respirator

Required Qualifications

  • 2 or 5 years experience in related field.
  • Fresh Graduate are encourage to apply.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Posses a minimum Certificate or Diploma in any discipline.